The flavors in the case change weekly, depending on what catches our eye at the farmers market, what flavors currently inspire us, and what we’re excited about making that week! The most up-to-date list of weekly flavors can be found on our facebook page, with a website page for those coming soon. Depending on availability, we can sometimes do weekly flavors to order for the week that they are running in the case.

What you’ll find here are our seasonal flavors - these are the pie flavors we do to order, from 9” pies, to individual tarts by the dozen, to slab pies fit for a party. These flavors change about 4-5 times a year, depending on what’s available to South Central Wisconsin as far as in-season, local produce. Humble is proud to work closely with our community and region to craft inspired novelty flavors and expertly-executed classics that reflect our approach to seasonal eating.

Orders must be placed and confirmed two days in advance of the pick-up date. At this time, we do not offer delivery.

Please notify us of any allergies prior to placing your order.


masala pear

This flavor features a mix of anjou, bartlett, and bosc pears alongside a dash of garam masala and other spices. The floral, citrus notes of the pear are the perfect subdued backdrop for this flavor! Not over spiced, but just right.


A grapefruit cream pie filling is lovingly swirled into our flaky pie crust, and then topped with a generous amount of fluffy Italian meringue. The flaky Maldon sea salt is what makes this a greyhound pie, although the finishing salt can be omitted by request. If you are a fan of lemon meringue, citrus in wintertime, or the color pink, this pie is for you. Note: there is no alcohol in this pie filling.

sweet potato cardamom

Sweet potato - the creamier, sweeter sibling of pumpkin. This flavor is a labor of love, as there are so many extra steps we take to make it outrageously over-the-top perfect. Maybe that’s why is has such a loyal following?

Sweet potatoes are roasted with the skin on until they begin to self-caramelize. Then, they are swirled with some cinnamon, vanilla, a pinch of orange zest, and fresh-grated cardamom. The end result is creamy, packed with complex flavors, and unforgettable.

pippi’s pancakes

This flavor is what I imagine would happen if you went over to Pippi Longstocking’s house for breakfast - pancakes piled higher than you can see the top of, with a Bel Gioso mascarpone fresh cream and fresh blueberries liberally sprinkled atop! The filling is a maple chess - best described as a gooey baked custard pie.

salted caramel apple

Northern spy and orange pippin apples are the foundation of this classic flavor, which then gets liberally filled with a from-scratch caramel before lidding it. Because we’ve never been shy about our caramel - after it comes bubbling out of the oven, a little more goes on top, and the whole pie-painting gets a final brushstroke of Maldon flaky sea salt.

I can’t explain why - this pie feels like it was invented at the Chicago World Fair. Something about the merry-go-round of brown sugared walnuts, pretzels, stout, and the brown sugar meringue that looks like swirling tent tops from an airplane flying overhead. This flavor is made with Central Waters Satin Solitude, belgian semi-sweet chocolate, and a pretzel-walnut crumble.

chocolate pretzel stout